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Paws and Rewind LLC

An integral part of any athlete's training is visualization. One can only expect to make progress by assessing what one is doing correctly and what needs to be improved.

Paws and Rewind came about as a result of the many hours spent filming each other's riding and training for the sake of progress. We have found, in our own personal experience, that it is much more practical and effective to supplement riding instruction with physical footage of a lesson or competition than to rely on "feel" and trainer feedback alone. The same can be said for the sport of agility; it is very beneficial to note one's stance, hand signals, and position relative to the dog while on course--something that can be lost to memory with the stress and adrenaline of competition.

In addition to our experience filming at equine and canine show venues, we at Paws and Rewind are ourselves active competitors in the hunter/jumper and AKC agility spheres. This allows us to better serve this exceptional community of people who see their animals not only as companions, but as fellow athletes as well. We know that it is important from a personal and training standpoint to document one's progress and use these experiences as opportunities for growth.

Please speak with us at an event near you; we would love to assist you on your path to a stronger and more effective relationship with your animal athlete!

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